Envying Charlotte’s life

By afleetingbeatingofhearts

March 23, 2011

Category: People I know

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If I learn anything from blogging, it will be time management skills.  I have a final exam on the 8th of April (I’m only taking 1 class this semester) but I’m inspired to fit blogging into my schedule.  Perfection is impossible anyway – I’m just going to hit publish.


There’s a girl I’m jealous of.  It’s not on purpose.  I think we’re just too similar in our interests, and too different in our lifestyles, to ever be able to be close friends.

Let’s call her Charlotte.  She’s really friendly and likable and looks kind of like Bridget from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

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We’re not close friends, but we sometimes chat at school or at parties.  I think it would be hard for me to be close friends with her because I would always feel like I’m competing with her.

Before I moved away to university, I imagined I was going to reinvent myself.  I was going to be confident and outgoing, wear colourful clothes, and study hard and party harder.

When I moved here in first year, I started to realize that I’m not outgoing and I’d rather not party all the time.  Charlotte is extraverted, thriving on being around people a lot.  She fits the description of “who I wanted to be” and talking with her reminds me that I’m not that person.

Realistically, I wouldn’t want Charlotte’s life.  I have to remind myself that I wouldn’t enjoy her hectic lifestyle, and we have different hobbies.  Even when she seems perfect, and when I think she does everything better and experiences life just a bit more intensely than I do, I have to stop and remind myself that I don’t want to be her.  Her life is just as imperfect as mine.

It took me a year and a half to realize that.

How about you, readers (readers!  wow!) Has thinking someone’s “perfect” interfered with your relationship with them?  Or have you been the so-called “perfect” person that others admire?


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